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[DTM Version 1.10 released: September, 2006]
This page updated: February, 2011

DTM™ Digital Terrain Mapping


The elevation data is from Etopo5 and the Landsat composite image overlay is from NASA. Please excuse the jpg scrunching. Your times may vary depending on computer, texture type..density, and other variables :)

DTM ecotype

DTM Menu

DTM Menu (Bermuda Triangle)

Note the need to select Elevation data and .shp overlay of the same resolution... and Projection..Datum.

Images and Data Information
overall DEM notes is the same text attached to world image below: Etopo5 dem Data Information.
DEM data sources and ideas ~ todo list .txt TEXT file
.tpcfg Read Me .txt Text file
.tpcfg file howto
Map Projection parameters another way Map Projection parameters another way Map projection parameters
Map Projection input ranges

934 USA 1 Degree DEMs ~10G= 2.5G=1G

DEM cells overlay

425 Alaska 1 Degree DEMs 2G=572M=153K

Alaskan DEM cells overlay

Etopo5 dem Data Information

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