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This page updated: February, 2011

PLATO: (Points, Lines, Areas, Text attributes, Object movement)
OII: (Operation Influence Interest)
TASP: Terrain Analysis .. Synthesized Product
5th Dimension: Transformed 4D Vector (+ attributes) Synthesized Product = Prediction

Every subject has PLATO and OII attributes. PLATO describes the 4D environmental location while OII describes the interactive transcendental relationship of the subjects. Each subject-object-point is its own center (OII) with 4D perspective views (PLATO). These object points are akin to loci in/on a geodesic sphere with each point-object having the capability to be a radial extent of another central point-object-subject and/or to become the central point-object of a sphere of its own operation. The Operation of 1 point Influences surrounding points and is Interested in the surrounding points - surrounding points.. to its limit of Interest. A points OII attributes are determined through analysis and relate to form a synthesis transformation. These transformations of view are termed movement-timetravel-transmat, static-evolution, (majic-magic), or fiction-history-prediction depending on the point of view and the audience OII.

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