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This page updated: February, 2011

PLATO: (Points, Lines, Areas, Text attributes, Object movement)
OII: (Operation Influence Interest)

Development History list (ancient .. OBE)

VR GIS Over View as of 13 October 2004 this page is left as a historical marker... not much has changed... and I do not think it necesssary nor right to continue changing this page. Monthly changes..accomplishments are now being written in the Home page.

Preview - Inventory using ILH. Analyze (Object identification) and View moving objects (Life), Objects (Fractal), Surface (DTM), Surface visible attributes (Image and GRIP), and Surficial Layers (Tracer and Voice). Collate views using SOS MAP.

proposed Directory Structure (All programs in same directory with a few sub-directories.. Raster, Vector, ... data can be anywhere)

C:\Program Files\vrgis

Program synopsis

Image Processing types

GRIP ICE: process, classify, and extract-export imagery.
ILH Image: fx photos (annotate / edit / manipulate photos) for-in Image databases... Locate photos and images in Locatable and/or Vector.
Fractal 3D: fractal combinatorium and paint-editor.

The following are generally to do thoughts...

Program List: procedure - required variable
Results checklist matrices : Pixel algebra, Real matrix to filters
Known Operation -> location of dialog
Education- Help - relation of knowledge
3D Object Vector Attribute Database List Array Spreadsheet
Overlays Hide(-) Combine (+) Display (x) Separate (/) ?(%) ?(*) ?(@)
Boolean sets and-or-no-state (status)
Least squares
Registration Classification
Coordinate Conversion
Precision Accuracy
DMS-> Feet (Degree Minute Second)
DD-> Feet (Decimal Degree)
Stated facts to Hypothesis to conclusion: Implicit - Explicit

Input Store Process Output
Input: Data and operator choices
Data Formats .. Storage (on and off line) Conversion

Plot of Geo Globe tiles
'Adjust' landforms: Rough..Smooth.. Splat(Craters..Fissures..Mtn ranges).. Landforms
Types of Bitmaps to import-export (bmp,jpg,png,pcx,tga)
Bitmap by DelphiGL, G32, FastDib, Png Delphi, old pcx readers, jpg from Borland Delphi-jpg group
Dem: BT format, Bin with headers
Images: GeoPng (Geotiff) .. Png with internal attributes.. or a png with external header... already available
2D..3D Vectors import (3ds, md2,md3,mdl... ?; SDTS, TIGER, BTS, Ascii XYZ...)
export (dxf, shp, vtp object (stationary dxf+attributes.. movement md3+plus))
display POV internally through GL

Vector-Raster- Enhanced Meta File- Combined -VR,
Source, Organization, Source of data, History, Verified
Date recorded, Edited, Verified
Area covered, Continent, Lat Long, Band Path
SLAR 114: 38 241 600 1..6200 1..6168
SLAR 115: 38 247 768 1..6201 1..6168

Hydrology (Blue), Vegetation (Green), Urban (Black), Transportation (Red and black), Soils (Brown), Elevation (Brown), Changes (Purple), NBC-EPA contamination (Yellow)

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JARGON FILE, VERSION 4.3.1, 29 JUN 2001:
quality of code: monstrosity brain-damage screw bug lose misfeature crock kluge hack win feature elegance perfection
reliability of software: broken flaky dodgy fragile brittle solid robust bulletproof armor-plated

Tachyon Unit, E Platoon ({ABCD}Easy), Acme Company {BC}, 3rd of the 13th Holographic Bn {Hard Light, Photon, .. Black Hole, Heavy Metal}, 1st Light Brigade {2nd Armor, 3rd Cavalry, 4th Air Transport, 5th Chaos}, 649th Infantry Division (Mechanized) {9th Air Cav, 49er Subterranean, 3649th Armor}, 21st Corp (Armor), 3rd Army.

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