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[MOW 1.0 released at Winsite: December, 2004]
gone with the wind AFAIK

This page updated: February, 2011

This program probably requires Corel Paradox to edit and fix the database... initially.

This program will be released when the database can be emptied (at the touch of a button) without the program crashing on emptiness... never happened so I just manually emptied them... Good luck, it works once it gets going.

The FIRST thing to do is go to About[Config] and change the data for your Meals On Wheels area: 3 cities, 2 counties, and the names.
CAMOW is set up to receive meals from a hospital and deliver meals using volunteers from 13 area churches. There are 6 routes of 9 clients each [that many fit on a page easily.. no actual client limit]. Depending on desired situation the food source (hospital), driver source (13 churches), and the number of clients per route can be changed... a lot more difficult to increase the number of routes. Source code is included and probably required to actually set up and use this program. Corel® Paradox® would also probably be required initially, to edit and fix the database.

There are many (44) reports generated that track the meals, costs, route directions, and clients.
mowhowto.pdf : MOW general overview and How To instructions in pdf format... included as a zip file

Meals On Wheels (MOW)

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